All About that Base: A Sims 3 Legacy 1.1

.1Okay, so I’m insane. I know, I know, I have too many of these already! But…


Here is Erin Base, named after one of my personal favorite sims in Sunset Valley, Erin Kennedy. Now, Erin’s legacy will be a little different. For one, I have no expansion packs installed and the only stuff pack I have, High-End Loft Stuff. After each generation, I will add an expansion pack from my collection. Also, each generation will have a naming theme related to the current expansion. Anyway, let’s end my rambling so I can introduce you our founder.

Erin Base.PNG

Stat cards? Me actually putting effort into something? *Gasp!* Our perfectly purple-haired protagonist is a perfectionist (like me), family-oriented (like me), a kleptomaniac (like me), an angler, and she loves the outdoors, which is helpful, since…


This is her house.

Lawn living? Check.


Job? Check.


Mate? Hhmmm…yeah, about that.


Erin: “Hi, I’m Erin!”

Townie: “Good to meet you. I’m Alexandra Thistle. Now, I can tell by the dirt on your shoes and the strange hair color that you must be a legacy founder. Well, let me tell you something, miss. Never marry a man just because of his interesting genetics. Marry a man that makes you happy, or life will be one big rainy day.”


Erin: “As a matter of fact, I was planning to-”

Alexandra: “Or if you still can’t find someone to marry for love, then marry for money. Life is better with a wad of dough.”

Erin: *is stunned*


Luckily for Erin, she quickly spotted a young man by the barbecue and hurried over to introduce herself.


This time, it was significantly less awkward.


As it turned out, his name was Xander Clavell, and he happened to work as a criminal, just like Erin.


And despite his attempts to mooch a few simeloens off Erin, he seemed a nice enough guy.


In fact, Erin thought he might make a good spouse.






He took it all with a smile. At least until Erin tried to make her move.


Xander: Girl, don’t even think about it.


Erin: How could he break my heart like that? Hey, babe, catch!


Xander: What was that, woman?

Erin: I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.


Erin: Will you forgive me?

Xander: Eh, sure.


The Short Legacy 2.8- Old Men and Jealousy


Welcome, welcome, welcome to the latest installment of the Shorts. We start off this chapter with Sofia Bjornson running away from Lewis. You can see his shoes in the background.

Lewis: Hey! Remember, the beard god saves all! Don’t fret!

Sofia: *runs*

Grim Reaper.PNG

It’s probably his way of dealing with grief.

Lewis: Daddy?

Charity: Dad? Dad??? I’m so hungry…I was just going to eat…but you’re dying! Help! Help!

At the Longue.PNG

As for Spencer-Kim, she dealt with the pain in a more…unique way.

Kim: Well, he-lo there.

Jacques Villareal: What, a young girl? Talking to me??

Kim: I’m Spencer-Kim, but you can call me…Kim. *bats eyelashes*

Jacques: Going here was the best idea ever!

Accepting It.PNG

Kim: Seriously, want to dance, baby?

Jacques: *internal monologue* She can be the mother to my children…and everyone will stop being suspicious…so I can bury my ex-wife’s body in the backyard..whoops, shouldn’t have thought about that.

That Awkward Moment.PNG

Kim: Wait. What. Did. You. Say?

Jacques: Nothing…I mean it! I said nothing!

Kim: My grandpa was an alien, you know. He could read minds. 

Jacques: *thinks about cute kittens*

First Kis.PNG

Kim: So, you like roses and kittens and stuff like that, do you?

Jacques: So pretty…

Awesome Kiss.PNG

Jacques: You…you just kissed me…kissed me!

Another Kiss.PNG

Kim: Man, I would give this guy a “present” every day!

Ask to Be Boyfriend.PNG

Kim: Hey, so there’s people at the bar now. Umm, well…

Jacques: Be my girlfriend NOW!

Kim: Fine, fine…you filthy bar dweller..

Angry Charity.PNG

Charity: How come she always gets the guys? I’m so much hotter… and I’m upper-class. Don’t those jerks know a member of high society when they see one?

Prank Pulled.PNG

Maybe you’d get yourself a guy if you did something other than pull pranks for a change, Charity.

The Family of Cookout Lookout

So, some of you might be wondering why I’m starting yet another one of these. Well, the answer is that I’m not.

Huh? You ask. Well, the Family of Cookout Lookout was the very first ever legacy-ish type thing I ever did, so I’m so excited to share this with you! It was first created on the February 28th, 2016.

10-22-16_10-22-21-amDefine a legacy.

Paige and Frank.png

Does it always have to be based on lineage?

Paige's Proposal.PNG

Aren’t there other ways to find love?

Garret's new home.PNG

Other ways to start a family?

Tobias and Joanne.PNG

Is it really so unusual to build a family around roommates, around uncles, around cousins?

Garret and Isabelle's First Kiss.png

My father, Garret, was adopted by grandmothers when he was a kid.

Honestly, I used to wish the same was true for me.

My father had a little fling with a woman named Isabelle Street. And the result was…the result was…

Child Quinten.png

The result was me, Quentin Ethington.

I grew up with my Grandma Paige (my grandma Joanne died when I was a  baby);

Reagan and Tobias.png

My great-uncle and great-aunt, Tobias and Reagan;

Roland and Valeria Dancing.png


Their children, Roland and Valeria;

Frank's Picture.PNG

And my Grandma Paige’s old roommate, Frank Shannon.

Of course, there was lots of problems…

Franklin Dies.png

Like when Frank died while on a date with his wife Skyla Ash…

Valeria's Fiery Death.png

Or when Valeria died in a fire just after her young adult birthday…

Ulrike and Garret's Wedding.png

Or when my dad married my step mother Ulrike…

Constance's Birthday.png

Or when Skyla’s daughter Constance came to live with us.

But in the end, it worked out.

Roland and Madison.png

Roland married a woman named Madison, and together they had my cousin Betty, who now has an adult daughter of her own, Lynn.

Constance and Camille Playibg.png

My half-sister Camille might have never married, but she still lives with me and is happy.

As for myself?

08-27-16_12-42-47 PM.png

I met my true love, Yuki, as a teenager.

09-21-16_5-22-10 PM.png

I married her as an adult.

09-22-16_4-25-37 PM.png

She had my two wonderful children, Kenji and Kuki.

10-13-16_3-21-21 PM.png I was thrilled when Kenji proposed to his now-wife, Madelyn.

10-20-16_5-14-38 PM.png

And now, I have my granddaughter, Jaylah.

This little legacy has reached its fifth generation. It makes me wonder…

What could happen next?


Will I be next in line to die?

Calling All Readers!

Hello, my very few readers! Isn’t it exciting to know that you are the very first in a (hopefully) long list of readers? Well, if you’re reading this, I’d love it if you’d post a comment on this post, just so I can know who’s reading. Thank you!

The Short Legacy 2.7- Beard Gods


What’s wrong, Lionel?

Lionel: You’ve forgotten about us and I have to pee!



Maritza: I’m still here. Even though you missed my wedding. Thanks a lot.


Lewis: I have an awesome beard.

Why then sad face then?

Lewis: To become the most powerful of them all, I must have the best beard. Then my powers shall come to light.

A Wish For Lewis.PNG

Lewis: I wish for a beard! And awesome alien powers!

Lewis Reaction to the Wish.PNG

Lewis: Did it work?

It worked.PNG

Lewis: By the beard gods, it worked!


Lewis: That’s not what I wished for…

Thoughtful Lewis.PNG

Lewis: Ooh! Maybe the beard gods will give me skills and an awesome beard!

Beard Lightbulbs.PNG

Lewis: Yes, come to my face beard lightbulbs!



Wait. I suddenly have a desire to…play the violin?

Not Awesome Beard.PNG

Lewis: Aww, my new beard is not awesome at all!



Lewis: What kind of teenage boy doesn’t have an awesome beard?


Lewis: I need to win the ladies over so I can woohoo in a bush.

Huh? *checks whim panel*

Lewis: See? Right there.

*locks whim in*




Maritza: What girl doesn’t know yogurt is superior to salad in every way? What a baby!

Charity (who now has pink hair and tattoos!): I’m gonna be a criminal!

Lewis: Charity, get out the way! I’m hungry!

Charity: *snickers* Sorry, the upper class goes first!

Charity and the Yogurt.PNG

Charity: Aunt Maritza was right. Yogurt is superior to garden salad in every way.


Lewis: Cake?

Late for School.PNG

Lewis: I have the cake, but I’m late for school!

Birthday Cake.PNG

Spencer-Kim: A cake? BIRTHDAY Cake?

Spencer-Kim's Wish.PNG

Kim: I wish to marry a Casanova!

Spencer-Kim's Back.PNG

Kim: Ow, my back!

Just Kidding.PNG

Kim: Just kidding! I’m not an elder!


Kim: And I’m smoking!

Spencer-Kim rolled the Bookworm trait, so she is now a cheerful loner who likes to read books and also wants to be a Serial Romantic! *cough Don Lothario cough*

Grumpy Vanessa.PNG

Of course, the Shorts didn’t care that a possible heir to the family throne (actually a fairly disgusting and small homestead) just aged up.








Vanessa: How does it feel to know your death is approaching?

Olivia (off-screen) : Almost as good as it would feel if I drowned you in this pool.

Vanessa: *nervous laughter*


Breaker Legacy 1.4- Fast, Fast, Fast

Ghost Hunter Blues.PNG

Ruul: Who ya gonna call? *pause* Me! HIRE ME!

I'm Married.PNG

Ruul: Eek, I’m married!

Skilling Heart.PNG

Heart: Heart play! Heart play with blocks! Blocks fun!

Child Heart.PNG

Heart: Heart have bad parents. Heart no taught toddler skills. *clears throat* I mean, yay! Hooray for childhood!

Heart’s new trait is Clumsy.

Prince Heart.PNG

Heart: I am the brave prince, building a device that will slay the evil dragon!

Heart, dear…that’s a widget.

Heart: Slay the dragon! SLAY THE DRAGON!

And now…why your legacy founders should never marry elders.

Why are you dying now.PNG


(I know he must have aged up to elder at one point, but I don’t have any pictures for some reason.)

DeAndre get Reaped.PNG


Ruul: Not my husband! He never even developed any personality!

The Breaker Legacy 1.3- Baby? Babies!

Last time Ruul Breaker talked to her boss, had her first kiss, got a boyfriend, and married him, all within the space of a few hours.

So we begin this chapter with an announcement!

Pregant Ruul.PNG

Ruul: I am pregnant.

Yes, you are.

DeAndre's Entire Life.PNG

What did DeAndre do during his wife’s pregnancy?

Answer: Talk to Petunia.

DeAndre: Who’s a good girl? You are!

Petuina: Must destroy…

Why are you doing this Ruul.PNG

Skip ahead a few days, and it’s BABY TIME!

Ruul: Taking a taxi while in labor is too mainstream.


Ruul and Heart.PNG

Meet Heart Breaker!

Ruul: He’s going to break hearts?

Maybe, Ruul, maybe.

Baby Boy.PNG

Heart is an Easily Impressed Virtuoso.

Death Cat.PNG

At this point, Ruul rolls a wish to adopt a cat, so we do. This is Eafs, the cat of death.

Dog and Cat.PNG

This is what Eafs actually looks like.

Petunia: I wanna play with the kitty!

Eafs: Don’t touch me, flop-ears, or I shall call the Reaper upon thee!

Petunia: Yay! Play with Kitty and Reaper!

Eafs: Wait what?

Heart Breaker is a toddler.PNG

Look! It’s toddler Heart!